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We describe a “Day-of” Coordinator or Event Day Manager as a seasoned professional experienced person to execute all of the hard work of planning.  We often find clients rely on a very close family member or friends to carry out all of these delicate plans on the actual day of their event or wedding.  In essence you are now removing them from being a guest and into a staff position, often times missing many special moments because they are focused on running things smoothly. The friend at work, recently married friend or close guest that wants to volunteer often times will gladly jump to assist but in essence can feel a lot of pressure as more tasks getting assigned. Hiring P.S Events, allows them to be a guest and ease the pressure of saying no.

All photos below are Pink Swan Coordinated Events

Certified Event Planner Graduate from George Washington University

Complimentary Phone Consultation to discuss services


Consultant /Timeline 

            $225 - 3 Hours Total

This is for a client who requires help with finalizing the plans already set in place. Create your event day time-line plus a separate vendor contact sheet. Certified Planner to review all plans.

PinkSwanEvents-Glen Echo Park

Day Of Coordination

          $1200  - 8 Hours Total 

Services for the Day Of your event and includes 8 hours Coordination, Timeline Services, for clients who want professional guidance throughout the process to ensure they stay on the right track. Includes Venue Walk Thru.


Concierge Service

            $450 - 6 Hours Total

Personal Assistant for up to 6 hours. Attend to personal requests such as working with a photographer, assist with getting dressed, setting up and serving champagne and includes 1 personal offsite errand within a 5 mile radius.

 Full Day Coordination

          $1800 - 12 Hours Total 

Service begins 7 days prior to your event for assisting with extra loose ends this package includes 12 hours of Coordination on site, Timeline Services & (1) Walk Thru.


WedAssist Package

          $525 - 3 Hours Total

Service begins on the day of your event. Includes helping you set up tables, decorate your tables, setting up your cake table, guest tables or putting out favors. This is guideline of services.


Month Of Services

               Starts at $2500 

Service begins 45 days prior to your event for extra loose ends includes 12 hours Coordination, Timeline Services, Final Venue Walk Thru and Creation of a Detailed Wedding Timeline + Rehearsal Coordination.

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